Stone Center Scholars Published in June Black Reparations: Insights from the Social Sciences Part II

Jun 27, 2024

June Issue of Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences

Political Conditions and Attitudes Toward Black Reparations

Student Fellows Erykah Benson and Jasmine Simington were part of the study team to publish, Crafting Democratic Futures: Understanding Political Conditions and Racialized Attitudes Toward Black Reparations.

“In collaboration with Crafting Democratic Futures, the Black Truth Project, the Center for Racial Justice, and the Detroit Metro Area Communities study, the study team seeks to understand what shapes support for and opposition to reparative policies for Black Americans,” Erykah explained. “The team finds that exposing respondents to information about the reasons for reparations does not shift public support. Instead, one’s overall awareness of racial inequality that one has grown over time appears to be a key factor in building support for reparations.”

Congratulations, Erykah, Jasmine, and team! Access the article.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

CID Student Fellow Asher Dvir-Djerassi published “Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: A Counterfactual Historical Simulation of Universal Inheritance” in the issue. “The racial wealth gap in the United States has remained fixed since the end of the civil rights movement,” Asher explained, “and it will likely continue to do so without policy change. I show that a wealth tax combined with a universal inheritance programs could close the racial wealth gap in a generation and benefit all Americans.”

Congratulations, Asher! Read the article.

A Policy Platform to Deliver Black Reparations

CID Faculty Affiliate Trina Shanks (first author) and William Elliot III were part of the team that published “A Policy Platform to Deliver Black Reparations: Building on Evidence from Child Development Accounts” in the issue. Co-authors include Jin Huang, Haotian Zheng, Margaret M. Clancy, Michael Sherraden.

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