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Become an Affiliate or Associate of the Center

U-M faculty, staff, and doctoral students who would like to be more involved in CID are warmly invited to become affiliates or associates of the center. Please contact Melissa Bora ([email protected]) if you are interested in becoming a CID affiliate or associate or have questions about these roles.

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Who are CID affiliates?

Affiliates are typically drawn to CID because of the opportunity it offers to connect with other scholars of inequality. To support these connections, CID expects that affiliates will regularly participate in the common life of CID, typically by attending CID’s Speaker Series and monthly Lab Meetings.

Affiliates may also take advantage of any of the following resources:

  • Presenting at CID’s monthly Lab Meeting
  • Using CID’s common workspace during ISR business hours
  • Submitting their research to the CID discussion paper series
  • Attending CID happy hours, book club, and other informal events
  • Attending writing retreats
  • Participating in the CID manuscript workshop group (for faculty, staff, and postdocs) 

Who are CID associates?

Like affiliates, CID associates are expected to regularly participate in the common life of CID, and associates receive all the benefits of affiliates. However, associates take a greater role in steering CID’s future and leading its intellectual activities. In return, associates have access to an expanded range of CID resources.

These resources include:

  • Communications support – research promotion, assistance with website and social media, professional headshot for students applying for jobs
  • After-hours building access
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Printing
  • Participation in selection of visiting speakers
  • Access to undergraduates who want to work with CID
  • Support in grant administration (for faculty, staff, and postdocs)

As part of the core CID team, associates are expected to support CID by:

  • Presenting in a Lab Meeting once every two years
  • Meeting with CID visiting fellows and speakers
  • Participating in the mentorship work of CID
  • Attending monthly team meetings (for faculty, staff, and postdocs)
  • Serving on the selection committee for the Visiting Fellow or Emerging Inequality Scholars awards (for faculty, staff, and postdocs – no more than one committee per year)
  • Meeting with potential or new students (for students)

At the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics, we champion a democratic culture of belonging, accessibility, and accountability. We seek to improve our understanding of effective practices and culture that emphasizes empathy and constructive dialogue. Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is central to our mission as an organization and an educational institution.

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