CID welcomes two new faculty members

May 11, 2022

This summer, CID will welcome two new faculty members to the team. Research Assistant Professor Joe LaBriola will arrive July 1, and Research Assistant Professor Sun Kyoung Lee will be joining September 1.

“Both Sun and Joe bring important and novel perspectives to the foundational study of inequality and its dynamics,” said Fabian Pfeffer, Director of the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics. “I know CID will benefit tremendously from their expertise, and we can’t wait to have them as part of the team.” 

Joe comes to CID having completed his the University of California, Berkeley and after a postdoctoral fellowship at the Population Studies and Training Center at Brown University. His research draws on survey and administrative data to study the causes of population-level racial and socioeconomic inequalities in the contemporary United States. In his recent work, he advances our understanding of the role of housing in explaining racial wealth gaps in the United States by specifically attending to the role of local policies and processes that constrain the production of new housing, and thereby help concentrate wealth in the hands of incumbent homeowners, who are disproportionately White.

“I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity to join an amazing community of social scientists and to work on the Wealth and Mobility Study (WAM),” Joe said. “The data infrastructure we will generate as part of this study will allow us to answer open questions about the role that homeownership and housing policies play in creating racial wealth inequalities.”

Learn more about Joe by visiting his website.

Sun will arrive this fall after a postdoctoral period at the Economic Growth Center at Yale University as well as a brief research stay at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis this summer. She received her Ph.D. from Columbia University. 

“I’m so excited to help CID push forward wealth and inequality research and to help expand the social sciences data infrastructure that truly reflects the fourth industrial revolution era we are living in. I chose to join CID as I felt confident that this is where I can pursue my passion for studying inequality and enhancing the data infrastructure for social sciences in an unparalleled way,” Sun said.

Her primary research interests include the role of public policies in understanding inequality, urban and housing development, and building large-scale data infrastructures via record linkage. During her doctoral study, Lee won several grants from the National Science Foundation to investigate various aspects of inequality during America’s urbanization. For example, her research investigates how the provision of urban transportation infrastructure in New York City facilitated racial segregation. In other work, she has created new data to assess intergenerational social mobility across almost 100 years of U.S. history. Learn more about Sun by visiting her website.



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