Jake Hays

Postdoctoral Fellow

An image of Postdoctoral Fellow Jake Hays as he stands before the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics logo sign in the space.
Office: 734-764-8132

2076 Institute for Social Research
426 Thompson St.
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1248

Jake Hays

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jake’s research centers around family demography, social inequality, and the life course. His current research project examines how local economic conditions shape family formation patterns. In other work, he examines how family and household contexts shape parents’ and children’s well-being and how life course processes are related to broader patterns of social inequality.


  • PhD, Sociology, The Ohio State University, 2021
  • MA, Sociology, The Ohio State University, 2017
  • BA, Sociology, University of Cincinnati, 2015
    • Minor in Psychology, summa cum laude

Areas of Study

Demography, Health, Social and Economic Inequality, Sociology

Related Projects

Hays, Jake J. 2023. “Multipartner Fertility and Psychological Distress: Evidence for Social

Selection.” Population Research and Policy Review 42(3):47.

Hays, Jake J., and Karen Benjamin Guzzo. 2022. “Does Sibling Composition in Childhood
Contribute to Adult Fertility Behaviors?” Journal of Marriage and Family 84(1):53-79.

Hays, Jake J., Sarah R. Hayford, and Frank F. Furstenberg. 2021. “Delayed Adulthood,
Delayed Desistance? A Brief Report on Changing Age Schedules of Risky Behaviors.”
Emerging Adulthood 9(3):252-258.

Hays, Jake J., and Kammi K. Schmeer. 2020. “Age at First Sex and Adult Mental Health in
Nicaragua.” Demographic Research 43(44):1297-1334.

Schmeer, Kammi K. and Jake J. Hays. 2017. “Multipartner Fertility in Nicaragua: Complex Family
Formation in a Low-Income Setting.” International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health