Sae Hyun (Grace) Oh

Postdoctoral Fellow

A photo of Postdoctoral Fellow Grace Oh wearing a teal top.
Office: 734-763-8316

2032 ISR-Thompson
Ann Arbor MI 4810

Sae Hyun (Grace) Oh

Postdoctoral Fellow

Grace’s research agenda centers on investigating the impact of early-life socioeconomic and cultural contexts on educational and career disparities. Particularly, she is interested in examining the causal effects of environmental and socioeconomic factors during critical life stages on long-term outcomes.With a diverse background in economics, developmental science, and related fields, Grace is dedicated to leveraging these findings to advance social mobility and tackle inequality. Her goal is to conduct rigorous research on human capital formation and apply these insights to inform policies and practices, ultimately striving to create more equitable education systems.


B.A. Economics, University of California, San Diego, 2014

M.S. Economics, Tufts University, 2017

Ph.D. Human Developmental Economics, Tufts University, 2023

Related Projects

Measuring Racial Inequality in Tax Data

Oh, S. H., & Leventhal, T. (2023). Breaking down the STEM pathway: Utilizing neighborhood resources to improve Mexican-origin adolescents’ life chances. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 60(7), 1551–1578.